Sunday, January 7, 2007

Lesson 11, Exercise 3: What's in the News?

Here's an interesting exercise to develop your psychic intuition and tarot skills.

Before you turn on the tv or open your newspaper to check the news, grab a tarot deck and a pad of paper. Before you start shuffling, though, start attempting to tap into your own psychic skill and ask to be shown what the headlines are. If it's a newspaper you're about to open, ask to be shown the front page, especially the headline. Write down everything you intuit, letters, colors, shapes, faces, words, feelings. Write it all down. You can do something similar with the television news, but it's not going to be quite the same--understandably. A newspaper page is fixed, television news is in constant motion.

Now, start shuffling your cards, decide how many you are going to draw in advance and what kind of spread you are going to use. For instance, "I'm going to draw eight cards, the first four (top row) are to represent four different stories or separate bits of information on the front page, the next row of four will represent the content of each of those stories/bits of information, each card being the secondary card to the one above it." This is just one way you could do it, there are innumerable ways you could design your spread. But be clear about what you're going to do before you do it. Maybe you prefer to start small and draw one card to represent the lead story. It's up to you. Be one with Source, shuffle, draw, and and begin interpreting your cards. Take notes! Take lots of notes. Write down your impressions and stray thoughts. When you've exhausted what you are getting from the cards, THEN look at the paper. If you don't take these notes it's too easy to fool yourself into thinking your cards were more accurate than they are or, even worse, less accurate than they really are. Those notes will keep you honest with yourself.

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