Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Lesson 9, Exercise 1 -- Practice Reading

It's your turn. Here's a real question. If you need help creating a spread or drawing cards or rephrasing the question to make more sense to you, let me know. Post your reading here and I can help you fine tune your reading style. In addition to that, I can confirm your accuracy. This question will change every time someone reads on it so that the question is always fresh and different for each person who gets to this lesson.

Questions, pick one to start with:

1. My husband and I are involved in a few different "battles" (with outside forces) right now. Draw as many or as few cards as you like to see what you can learn about them.

2. I'm neck deep in a handwriting analysis for a friend. What is my analysis showing about him so far?


Stephanie said...

Ok these are the cards I recieved for you. Number of cards pulled are three.

Deck used - Goddess Tarot

First card - Four of Saves
Second card - Beginnings
Third card -Seven Swords

With the first card Four of Staves it shows that you celebrated some new venture or social event. I get the feeling though it was a celebration I don't know why wedding keeps coming up in my head. Did you celebrate something with your husband? That was an impression I got so if I am off let me know.

Second card Beginnings (Tara) 2007 saw you starting a new venture or striking out on something new.

Seven of Swords tells me that you either left something behind that you really didn't want to. I know that in the book it mentioned this card as meaning defending ones self,but my impression was that you may have left something behind.

I just thought I attempt to read you...LOL. I need the practice.

Tarot Reader said...

Oh, you're right, that Pepsi commercial IS hysterical! I think I'll have to share it now.

Goddess Tarot, sweet! It's sitting right here in front of me, matter of fact. Hmmm, I can't think what came up that the 4 of Staves would apply to, and I'm really focusing. We've experienced a bit of a dearth of celebratory anything for a long while now so, no, no new social anything, no new ventures and definitely no weddings or celebrating with hubby.

2007 definitely brought some big big changes for me around July/August. Not so much a new venture, but definitely a big change.

Your intuition on the Seven of Swords is dead on. I'm glad you went with your gut despite the book meaning because you were very right.

So, now, the question is, what do you do now that you've drawn three cards for a Questioner and only one makes sense (a lot of sense)? I say, trust the tarot and explore the cards it offered. Focus on the first two cards and ask the tarot for clarification of the meaning of those first two cards then draw a card for each.

Part of the problem may be that you drew three cards but didn't really assign meaning to the position of all three (or did you?). In other words, if you knew you wanted to draw three cards, you might have gotten cards that made more sense if you'd asked the tarot to show you my year in four month increments. Ultimately the tarot gave you an extremely accurate reading for my year, but it only used one card to do this and your intuition was strongly pinged with that card. I actually think that's pretty cool.

Stephanie said...

You are correct. I just pulled the three cards and did not assign any meaning. The third card i really felt.

Stephanie said...

Ok I shuffled and received (one card) Two of Staves. Were you waiting for something to arrive or to come into play.I get an impression that you were waiting for something and it never came through. Let me know if I am way off. This is in relation to the two cards in the first reading.

Tarot Reader said...

Hmmm, I think someone has a little bit of the touch!

Tarot Reader said...

When you shuffled for the one card, what were you asking the tarot?

Again, your impression is very good. I have been waiting for something and had hoped it would come in 2007 and it never did.

Tarot Reader said...

I should also add that I've been waiting on a decision (hello, 2 of Swords anyone?) regarding a problem of mine (swords often represent problem situations). It's interesting that the two cards that made the most sense were both sword cards and since 2007 was a rough year for me, lots of problems, it's very appropriate that you drew swords.

Stephanie said...

I asked what do the two cards ( 4 staves and beginnings mean to genie's life in 2007.

also I pulled one card with the World Spirt Deck and asked the original question of your life in 2007. Were you looking for something pertaining to teaching?

Stephanie said...

I forgot to mention the card I picked from World Spirit Deck was 10 of Pentacles.

Tarot Reader said...

Oh, I love that deck! Was it the 3of Pentacles? If not, what was it? Anyway, no, this blog is the only thing at all I have to do with any kind of teaching.

Stephanie said...

10 of Pentacles from World Spirit Deck :)

Tarot Reader said...

Oh, Ten of Pentacles, okay, I'm looking at it now. The only one of two cards in this deck that I don't just love. I'm not feeling this card in regard to my life in 2007.

Stephanie said...

I have to go to bed,but I really enjoyed getting your feedback!! I wish I did not have to go to work in a few hours.....LOL. Would love to discuss more with you!

I just want to say that I enjoy your blog very much!

Tarot Reader said...

Thank you Stephanie! Yeah, I really should have been in bed about three hours ago. I'm bad.

I'll chat tarot with ya anytime!

Good night!

Stephanie said...

Night to you too! I guess I am bad too for not getting to bed either...haha.

Stephanie said...

Ok these were the cards that I drew from the Vanessa Deck.

I asked the cards to tell me about Sandi and drew the Ace of Cups.

I then asked what meaning did the Ace of Cups had in describing Sandi and drew King of Coins.

Is she about to start something new in her life. Something emotionally fulfilling?

Maybe a new business? If so she seems to be a very business savvy woman :)

If I am way off I can try again :)

Stephanie said...

I keep getting marriage in my mind or remarried? I do not know why...lol.
Has she met a new love? Could the King of Cups be someone in her life?

If I am way off then I know you will tell me :)

Tarot Reader said...

Your impressions are mostly way off, to tell you the truth. However, the Ace of Cups has special meaning for me and it makes sense to me that you drew it in this reading. The King of Coins resonates with me in regard to my mother just a bit, but not in the way you suggest. Do you want me to explain or do you want to draw more cards and explore it some more? Don't be afraid to rephrase the question if it doesn't work for you the way it is asked.

I love that you drew these two cards, to tell you the truth. They make some sense to me, more so the first than the second. Sometimes we must rely on the questioner to fill in the details for us. If I'm stumped on a card I drew for someone, I ask them to look at it. Sometimes they'll respond in a surprisingly wonderful way! I've heard many times, "Yeah, that makes sense to me." Yet they don't always want to explain why.

Stephanie said...

ok I did another reading this time with the Tarot of The New Vision deck.

I drew the 5 of Swords. Has she had to defend herself against something?

The card meaning means loss,but I got the impression that she was defending herself against unwanted trouble?

Stephanie said...

To be honest with you I figured that it was off because sometimes I can feel it other times not :) What meaning does the Ace of Cups and King of Coins have for you! :)

Tarot Reader said...

Now you're on to something.

Let me give you some more to work with.

Draw three cards (more or less, you choose) on Sandi's life challenges asking the tarot to show you a different challenge with each card.

Then draw one card asking the tarot to show you a "snapshot" of my relationship with my mother.

I'll explain the other two cards in a bit.

Stephanie said...

Ok these were the cards I pulled (Tarot of the New Vision)

First card just hoped out while I was shuffling :)

8 of Chalices
Then I drew 2 more cards : King of Pentacles and 9 Wands.

Did your mother walk away from someone or a life she loved? Was this a reluctant decision? (8 chalices)

As for King of Pentacles is someone very planted on the grown. Down to earth.

9 Wands tells me that she has had to cut herself off or close herself off from others. To me I got that she has been protecting herself against harm.

Now about your relationship with you mother I drew the 9 Chalices and Queen of Chalices.

I picked a second card "Queen of Chalices" to show me what the 9 of Chalices meant concerning your relationship.

On the card 9 Chalices it shows children happily playing.

From this card it seems that you have fond memories of your mom as a child. From the Queen of Chalices I feel that you reflect on your relationship with mom. or Queen of Chalices may be describing your mom.

Again let me know if I am off :)

Tarot Reader said...

Eight of Cups is my token tarot card, so it's appropriate that it jumped out. To me, it says you're keying in. But, no, she didn't particularly have to walk away from something. I think this card hopped out for me as a sign.

Because you've now drawn the King of P twice, I'm inclined to pay even more attention to it! Can you describe the New Vision King of Pentacles to me? I am unfamiliar with the deck you are using, in the Goddess Tarot the image made sense. I don't think practicality applies to this reading or to my mother.

Nine of Wands is appropriate to this reading but your impressions are off.

The Nine of Cups is known as the "wish card." Some people say it means that you'll get what you've been wishing for. But I know why you drew it regarding my relationship with my mother. My name is Genie. Mom named me so because my grandmother kept rubbing Mom's belly while I was gestating and asking when the Genie would come out. And Mom wished very much for me. I was her wish.

I don't have especially fond memories of my childhood, but I do understand the "wish card." The Queen of Cups is me, I think, and my role as nurturer in my relationship with my mother.

Stephanie said...

Oh ok :)

In the deck I used the cards are inspired by the Rider Waite Smith tarot. They show a 180 degree look at what was missing out of the view.

So on the King of Pentacles it shows a back view instead of a frontal view.

Tarot Reader said...

Ah, I remember hearing about that deck! Yes, that makes sense. You drew that as a challenge card, right?

Stephanie said...

Yes, I drew it as a challenge card :)
Sometimes I like to use different decks for different people. Or if i feel that a certain deck is appropriate to use :) Do you have messenger? AIM or Yahoo?

Tarot Reader said...

I have Yahoo but I never log in. You can email me at freetarotreading at gmail dot com.

Stephanie said...

Ok I drew two cards.

(World Spirit Deck)

The first card i drew was Two of Swords. I asked the cards what type of man was your husband. In relation to the second card I drew; Seer of Wands.

Although this card means Equilibrium I pictured your husband doing some type of martial arts or sport. Also does he like to be alone in his thoughts? Like does he like to retreat to clear his mind?
Maybe even meditation.

The Seer of Wands shows me that he is an adventurous man. Loves to live life to the fullest. Very brave.

Am I off?

Tarot Reader said...

You drew two cards asking what kind of man my husband was? Did you intend to give the tarot the two cards to share the kind of man he was or did you have a specific aspect of him you were asking about for each card? For example, you might have drawn a card for what he likes to do and another for where he draws his energy, or something like that.

I try to be pretty specific when I draw cards, each one will be "assigned" to address a different aspect of my main question. However, you should do what works for you and doing readings like this is exactly the way to figure out what works for you.

I don't see the Two of Swords relating strongly to my husband. He appreciates martial arts and sports, but is not involved in them. They aren't an important part of his life.

He is very adventurous and I've always seen him as a "Wand." He works from a more primal energy source, tends to be sanguine (a very wand-like personality to me), and like the woman on the card, he really draws a lot of energy from the outdoors. I don't know how brave he is, but he certainly likes to involve himself in exciting and often dangerous things.

The Two of Swords may not be completely off. This card reminds me of the archetype of Justice with her blindfold and scales. Now, if Justice had shown up I'd be doing a little dance, but still, this card makes me think of Justice and tomorrow my husband will be in court to try and defend his family against a local taxing entity that seems to have a personal grudge against us. There is nothing for my husband to decide or choose, as one might think upon drawing the Two of Swords, but this card feels right in some way.

Stephanie said...

No problem! This is your blog so I do not object :)

I asked the cards what type of man your husband was. Then I asked what did the two of swords mean. Fair came to mind as I saw the card.

Tarot Reader said...

Interesting. You know, after consulting the World Spirit LWB I am intrigued about the Two of Swords. Its negative aspects describe my husband very well. He's so busy thinking about things that action on those things gets put off, he's a terrible procrastinator. It's like the tarot chose to show you his negative and positve aspects in these two cards. That's pretty cool.

Stephanie said...

I asked the cards what they wanted me to know about Starlite and I picked three cards (three things they wanted me to know about her).

1. Queen of Rods (Wands)
2. Knight of Pentacles
3. Eight of Pentacles

Ok since they cards are meant to tell me three things about her I get that she was very warm and lovely to be around. Queen of Rods gives me the feeling that she was a warm person someone who was welcoming and open.

Knight of Pentacles shows me that she also had a serious side. Focused is what comes to mind.

Eight of Pentacles tells me that she was a hard worker. Did she work with her hands? Like creating something? Was she an artist of some sorts?

Stephanie said...

I used the Hanson - Roberts deck :)

Tarot Reader said...

This reading is very accurate, Stephanie. Although Star wasn't a hard worker, in particular, she was sick her entire life. She did do some crafts and, in fact, made several tarot bags for me by hand that I'll treasure forever.

Towards the end she was extremely focused on a few goals and she wasn't one to be persuaded outside her comfort zone. She was an extremely lovely person and I felt honored to have been her friend.

This reading is 2/3'rds Pentacles, this is very appropriate since her life centered around her health and her body. When you do a multi-card reading, it's important to take note of this kind of occurance.

Although Star didn't look at all like the Queen of Rods, the card suits her. The comfy cat, the sweet face, the passion--that was Star (except she never quite got to have the cat she wanted but did have a Chihuahua). The sadness in the face of the Knight of Pentacles is appropriate too.

When you look at these cards different things about them will jump out at you each time you draw them. Did anything in particular jump out at you when you drew these?

For instance, sometimes I am more focused on the tilled soil behind the Hanson Roberts Knight of Pentacles, other times it's his sad face I see, or maybe it's the coin that strikes me. Trust your intuition to guide you to the right symbol on the cards you draw. There can be a wealth of information there!

You were really keyed into this reading!

Stephanie said...

Oh cool :) I took my time with this reading. Not saying I did not take my time with the previous ones :)

I think I just needed to slow down and relax.

For the Knight of Pentacles I actually looked at his face,but also the coin stood on. Like the coin was the focused for him.

Tarot Reader said...

The coin (her health/body) was certainly the big theme in her life. Although she focused on other things, perhaps that was another meaning of the Eight of Coins. Instead of focusing on her health, which was really all consuming, she focused on her hobbies and immersed herself in them.

Yeah, you did GREAT on this reading. Good job! You've been very brave to just go for it!

Stephanie said...

Thanks! I find these exercises great :) I guess being a Scorpio makes me want to find out the hidden :)

Stephanie said...

Ok I asked the cards to tell me about your four siblings.

Each card is for your siblings!

1. 3 Cups (B)
2. Two Cups (W)
3. Page of Rods (J)
4. Ten Rods (C)

3 cups -From this card I get that B likes to party or he likes to have a good time. Maybe life of the party? Is he a ladies man?

Two Cups- Is W a very committed person emotionally? Very sincere.

Page of Rods - Is J young at heart? From this card he seems to like to communicate and talk. Does he like foreign places?

10 Rods - To me this card says that your sister C takes on a lot. I know this card deals with burdens. Is she carrying a heavy load a work? Is she exausted?

Stephanie said...

I did another reading asking the same question about your siblings. Here is what I got.

For B - Ten of Pentacles to me feels like he is a family man. He places alot of value on family. I know this card has to do with inheritance,but I just feel that in this situation of describing your brother I see it as being a family man.

For W - Six of Rods to me I get the feeling that he shines in whatever her persues. I know that Six od Rods stands for victory. So pertaining to him he seems to be someone who is celebrated for what he does.

For J - Four of Swords shows me that he is a relaxed person or is resting from something. Could it be rest from traveling?

For C - Five of Swords. This card signifies a battle. Has she put up a battle at some point? or did she lose a battle? In the card it shows a figure in the foreground which to me stands out as her.

Ok I gave it another shot :)

Stephanie said...

I used the Hanson - Roberts Deck again :)

Tarot Reader said...

3 Cups (B)
Actually he's pretty quiet. He doesn't mind intimate gatherings but shies away from the party scene, he always has fun at parties, but still would prefer a calmer, quiter setting. Not a ladies man particularly--crazy about his wife though.

2. Two Cups (W)

He means to be sincere, he talks the talk and means what he says but his follow through is lacking. He is rather ga ga for his wife, I think, although he is in a very unhealthy place right now.

3. Page of Rods (J)

Yeah, that's him. He's a freaking genius, teaches, but is very much attracted to more innocent joys... children's stories and movies for example.

4. Ten Rods (C)

She carries a lot on her shoulders and it seems that people rely on her heavily. She has her limits, but she does take on a lot. Her husband helps in many ways, but perhaps not enough to relieve the burdens.

For B - Ten of Pentacles to me feels like he is a family man.

He cares about his family, certainly, but his energies are focused on home (with his wife and keeping her as happy as possible) and work. Their home is a happy one. He doesn't reach out to his family much but not because he doesn't care, he just doesn't think about it. His father and sisters are the same way. He wants to be a dad.

For W - Six of Rods to me I get the feeling that he shines in whatever he persues.

No, W is no success story on any level. Not that I love him any less for this.

For J - Four of Swords

J is anything but relaxed. It's spring break and he's a teacher, so he may be enjoying his vacation, I haven't talked to him in a while. I've never seen him relaxed.

For C - Five of Swords. She hasn't mentioned any recent battles or struggles. I'm not aware of how this card may apply to her life.

Stephanie said...

Ok here is my shot at reading your 3 dads :)

I asked the cards to tell me about your three dads and drew three cards plus additional cards to make the first card clear.

T - 9 Wands & Hermit. Is T a gauarded man who keeps to himself alot. Does he like solitude.

RY - 4 Swords & Knight of Pentacles. Ok if I am off with this I know that you will let me know,but has RY past away? That just came to mind. But if he is not the Four of Swords shows me that RY may be a guy who is not easily moved. He is From the Knight of Pentacles he seems to be slow to move or react? Not one to rush things.

RW - 3 Swords & 5 Swords. I know that 3 of Swords signifies betrayal and heartbreak,but has RW have problems with his heart? That just came to my mind. In relation to the second card to make things clear, has he won a battle of the heart? I don't get the feeling that he has lost any battle.

If this sounds remotely like them or not I know that you will let me know :)

Stephanie said...

I asked what caused your lovely cat Jordan's death and pulled the Chariot card. Was your cat hit by a car? This felt right to me when I pulled the car and immediately went with my gut and that voice in my head.

So sorry for your loss :(

Tarot Reader said...

There was no vehicle involved in her death. I'm trying to imagine how The Chariot might apply but can't see it.

She was SO sweet... for a cat! Always sucks when a pet dies. That's why I've sworn NO MORE!

Stephanie said...

I picked another card to find out what the Chariot meant and pulled the Universe card. I know that the Universe means completion or coming full circle.

Tarot Reader said...

It was her time to move on, in that sense both The Chariot and The World are accurate. But the manner of her death had nothing to do with her age. The tarot seems to be providing some karmic answers to the situation, but not the mundane answer.

Stephanie said...

Hey Genie!

Ok I tried my hand at seeing what you and your husbands battles were. I only picked three cards.

1.Five Wands - Could one of the battles have something to do with beliefs? Conflicts in what one believes?

2. Chariot - Is there a battle in a choice needing to be made as far as direction?.

3.Three Cups - This card does not seem like a battle,but could this card mean that a battle for harmony. Creating harmony?

Tarot Reader said...

Hmmmm...... not really Steph. Although it's really quite appropriate that you drew the Five of Wands since it does show up to represent arguing and skirmishes. The rest of the cards don't feel quite right. But the first one was definitely on point.

Although, come to think of it, we had some recent good news regarding one of these things and it isn't victory, but we've definitely been feeling celebratory about it, so the Three of Cups may not be all that far off.

Stephanie said...

Hey Genie! I picked one card for your friend who you are doing the analysis on.

Ten of Rods - Does he tendto take on too much? Like does he carry others burdens. Or he works extremely hard.

That card popped out as I was shuffling.

Also, I pulled one more card to show me what the ten of rods meant.

I pulled Six of Cups. I know that this card means nostalgia. Could it be that he may look to much easier,happer times pertaining to the ten of rods which shows him feeling tired and burt out?

Tarot Reader said...

This reading is pretty on. He does take on too much responsibility but I think it's because he reaches for the idealistic life depicted on the Six of Cups, a life he never really had. His constant search for that happy happy joy joy kind of life, in itself, is his burden.